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Next concert: “Paul San Martín, Aira & The Fake Cousin”

“Paul San Martín, Aira & The Fake Cousin”

A real madness to play drums with a benchmark of the blues piano and boogie woogie from the peninsula. The line-up is completed with Jon Aira, another guitar number one. A round event. Here you have a playlist of some songs from the last concert at the Altxerri Jazz Club in San Sebastian.

“The Chicken Farmers”

Same training, but with Pedro Nerecan on guitar, a live monster who makes the versions we move through, from the 50’s to the present, make your event a guaranteed success. We do weddings and events especially, but this time we go out to do a very particular concert on the balconies of a typical house in La Marina de Hondarribia,

“The Belates”

A diverse and very well bound line-up that faithfully faces the challenge of covering The Beatles. Another guaranteed party!

“Elena y La Verbena”

Laughs and good vibes. A super fun live that reviews all the megahits of the eighties and others that you do not expect.

“Peiote de Lanzarote”

The same rock & blues songs as with the chicken coops but in a reduced version, without drums and with bass, a solution for small places or where there is not much to make a fuss.

“Los amores”

Carefree covers of the Velvet Underground and The doors  …


An intimate duo or trio that hypnotizes and immerses you in the deepest part of Being. A music composed in line with the poems of the writer and singer Carlos Vázquez-Cilveti. Playlist with a Live in Dabadaba de San Sebastián and other video clips

“Calambres en el Plátano”

Covers of the Velvet Underground at the lowest level!

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