Check out here my last movements …

“Chorretón concupiscible”

“Hole 17”. Commissioned in shaphography

Video of the post-concert boogie with the cousin at the Altxerri Jazz Club 2 Oct

“Pascual Milk Fridge”

Painted and vinyled fridge

“The Laughing Cow Table and Chair Set”

Restoration of painted chairs and table.

“Marshall Amplifier Refrigerator”

Upholstered and tuned refrigerator with original Marshall parts.

“Las Landas Duck”

Metallic structure, polyurethane and painted bodybuilder cement. 1.60x70cm

“San Martín Aira & The Fake Cousin. Kansas City. Altxerri Sep 2020”

Javier San Martín -Shaf- Tel.:606381903

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